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Here is what are customers have to say

Nancy C.

"i can't begin to say how happy I am with the work provided with the gentleman that came to my home. They were kind and quick. Their pruning was wonderful. I am glad I used Mike Farmer's company. "


I contacted Mike at Hanover Pruning and Hardscapes on his cell phone, left a message and had a call back within 30 minutes.  He came out in the rain to give myself and my neighbor an estimate for tree removal.  The price was very competitive for tree removal and stump removal of some stumps that were very large that a previous tree removal company had not done.  (that company no longer in business).  He didn't flinch when I asked for proof of liability and workmans comp insurance before work was done and had his insurance company provide me a copy of his policies.  He is well covered. 

I was surprised when I got home that you couldn't even tell anyone had been there - the clean up was so thorough.  Mike personally took care of our project with a bit of help from one of his staff. 

Mike is a friendly guy to work with.  He made it easy to communicate in any way that suited me.  Phone, in person, e-mail or via text message.  We ended up mostly with text messages, which is just fine with me. 

I will most definitely recommend Hanover Pruning and Hardscapes to others."


"I had this company build a patio with pavers, as well as border it with a stone wall and a cap on top made of limestone so that people could sit on the wall. They also built a fire pit into the patio.

The project started on April 20th and was completed by May 5th. This was the approximate time that was estimated by the company. it would have been done sooner but we had some rainy days. The patio turned out great, just as I had hoped. Michael Farmer, the owner, met me at a local supply store so I could look at the different stones and options for the patio. From there he ordered everything he needed and then completed the project. He was prompt, very professional, and obviously knew what he was doing. I would definitely use him again. In fact after seeing the results I've already asked him to put a border around other areas of my yard, with stone. I am waiting for him to give me an estimate."

Nicole C.

Mike and his team did an outstanding job! Great communication from answering questions to keeping me up to date on the schedule of service!

Julie W

I was very pleased with the job done by the crew of Hanover Pruning and Hardscapes! They had a huge task on hand taking down a massive 150+ year old tree that was in my yard that was slowly dying. Tucked tightly between fences on either side, a camper, and a barn, the tree was taken down flawlessly! 

They have the proper equipment to get the job done. The crew men were very well-mannered, knowledgeable, and experienced. 

I couldn't say enough great this about this company for a job WELL DONE!


 I’d better describe your climber’s dedication to his safety preparing to take down a 100’+ quad trunk Tulip Poplar, your crew’s efficiency at keeping the work area cleared & ensuring their own safety  and watching for snags that could endanger your climber, as they removed & ground limbs being lowered from so high up; they worked together like an orchestra w their eyes on safe procedures & assisting your climber who stayed in the heavenly branches 4 hours before taking lunch!!  Then back he went for hours!! Hated to lose the tree but I feel secure knowing it was taken down instead of being blown down and taking out my & neighbor’s houses. Also, a large double trunk holly was  cut down & ground including roots w/o damaging a small clump of daffodils 6” away!!! Two old hazardous stumps ground & other tree work was done on time, most of it in one day with no grumbling or complaining by HanoverPruning’s crew; all done for price quoted which work was more than my money’s worth. I’m already telling friends to call you.